Sunday, February 24, 2008

Awesome Comics issue 1


Awesome Comics

The Intro

People think it’s easy to be a superhero. I got to say it’s probably not the hardest job in the world but it’s still got it’s difficulties. All the heroes you see in comics are vigilantes, dudes who don’t see the point in following regulations. They just go around the city saving people trying to balance another job with their duties. Yeah right. Working like that will usually get you sued, imprisoned, or killed. On one hand politicians were tired of this lawless behavior but realized that super crime was a growing problem and the public had gotten used to the superheroes protection. So they created the regulations:

1. Heroes must register their identities and powers to the newly sanctioned F.B.S.I. (Federal. Bureau. of Superpower. Investigation.)
2. All unregistered vigilantes will be considered Super villains and will be dealt with
as such.
3. All heroes must have some form of funding to pay for damages.
4. Individual heroes are liable for all lawsuits and damages unless stated differently in a

That’s about it, I mean there’s all sort of other legal jargon but that all I can recite off the of my head. I’m your basic punch and fly, oh and I can shoot lightning from my hands. I’m working on a force field power and I’m saving up for some new weapons and gadgets. I don’t get many big contracts but that’s why I started this blog to let people know the life of the lesser heroes, the ones with out comics and had their bubble gum trading card pulled for being too boring to look at says the stupid manufacturer. He thinks my costume is too plain obviously he’s never tried to sew spandex to Kevlar. That’s why I’m commander cool.